Monday, March 28, 2011

March 25, 2011

Inflating balloons with PaPa.

Very independent.

These three were indispensable in making these balloon strings.

Grace "helping" Kate open the gift from her.

Grace wanted to get Kate a penguin that would make other penguins. When we searched for a penguin maker, we found this penguin ice cream maker!

Kate was delighted to see this castle Suki chose for her.

Can you see Suki peeking out?

Loving her new record player.

I was amazed that Kate knew what this gift was just from this teeny peek at the packaging.

Chugga chugga... choo choo!

Kate and her take apart handy crane.

Doing a puzzle with Granny.

Birthday dinner!

Ready for the cupcake!

Happy birthday to our dear Kate.

Hungry hungry hippos was definitely a David pick and the girls loved it!

The winner!

Big hugs for PaPa!

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