Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 24, 2011

Today was Kate's last session with her beloved Kelli. I can't believe that she's ready to turn three already!

We love her.

Afterward, we opened gifts from the aunts. First up was Aunt Rebekah's Ladybug Game.

We had so much fun playing this!

Next was the gift from Aunt Tina, Uncle Steve and Clara and Elena.

Oh, this parachute is so much fun! We used it for games and as a tent today.

Drawing with Granny.

Cuddled with PaPa.

Grace used her free time at school today to make a special drawing for PaPa. It copied the design and slogan from one of his favorite shirts, and I had no idea she'd planned to do it. So sweet.

Tea time.

Fanning Granny with her fish's tail.

A secret fanning for Grace.

Grace brushes Gorilla's teeth while PaPa naps.

I cannot describe how much fun we had with the gyro scope tonight. It gave us so many laughs.

Hide and seek.

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