Monday, March 21, 2011

March 20, 2011

A fun brunch over at Grandma's house.

Suki and Grace spontaneously gave Liam their beloved friends to cuddle.

Grace reacts to Calynn giving her the bristle block I with delight.

Then she helped her little cousin repair it.

Sweet, gentle Suki.

She surely does love babies.

Kate took a little reading break in the living room.

She shared a sweet moment with Suki when she came out to visit her.

Then we went up to Grandpa's house to see the baby chicks.

Getting ready to feed the wee chicks.

It was their idea to climb on the swing, so I have no idea why they wound up looking like such little grumps up there.

Playing with Calynn.

Calynn was so proud of her tower!

The face of a girl who is missing her nap.

Lunch -- what a fun day out in New York!

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