Monday, August 22, 2016

August 21, 2016

Today we went shopping for pet supplies and brought them to donate to our dearest, local animal shelter.

Then we spent some time petting cats, visiting dogs, and chirping with birds.

Later, we went out to the north end of Boston. We stopped by the Old North Church...

...and then had a low-key dinner at Rocco's.

Low-key until a marching band came by as part of that night's procession...

...and then came INTO the restaurant and drummed and cymballed their way around us. Thank goodness we brought Grace's noise mufflers, because then we were all able to laugh hysterically at the whole spectacle.

Waiting to give her donation.

Madonna del Soccorso is honored during this feast, and has so much cash pinned to her by the end of the night.

Laughing and singing as we were leaving the restaurant.

We watched the procession for a bit, and then joined in.

More donations being lowered.

One of the two side angels speaks.

The angel flies over the crowd.

So much confetti flew over the crowd, it was unforgettably beautiful here tonight.

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